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This glossary is to help understand some of the terms used, especially in the upcoming SEND reforms:




A Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) is the body responsible for organizing and buying all the health care in a geographical area. CCG’s are led by local GPs and other medical people who work with patients, local communities and local authorities to plan the health services in their area.


Children and Young People



Department of Education


Department of Health

EHC plan

Education, Health, and Care Plans. These are the documents that will be used to describe a child or young person, how they should be supported and what outcomes or improvements they are expected to make over time.


Further Education


Family Information Service


Family Services Directory



Independent Specialist Provider – This is an organisation that is provides services for children with a disability. It can be a voluntary organisation as well as a private company.

Joint commising

Commissioning means buying or purchasing services, joint commissioning means when Health Education and Social Care do this together.


Local authority


Learning Difficulty Assessment


A young person who is not in Education, Employment or Training


An outcome is a way of measuring the progress a child or young person makes as a result of the support they receive.   It is a way of making sure that the help they get is working and helping them.

Pathfinder & Pathfinder

A pathfinder is a local authority area who has been testing piloting the SEN reforms.


A pathfinder champion is a local authority who has been given extra responsibility to support other areas implements the SEN reforms. Bromley is the London Pathfinder Champion

PB (Personal budgets)

A personal budget is given as an agreed amount of money from social care/health/education to buy the services. The purpose of a PB is to give parents and carers more choice, and ensure help and support is targeted to each individual child or YP. For those eligible for a PB, a Support Plan agreeing desired outcomes and how these will be achieved with a PB, will be drawn up.


Preparing for Adulthood is an organisation that promotes and train schools and local authorities on how to plan for young adults with a disability


South East 7 – a group of 7 local areas in the South East of England, acting as a SEND Pathfinder.


Special Educational Needs. A learning difficulty or disability which makes it more difficult for a child to learn or access education than for most children in the same age group.



SEN Coordinator (based in educational settings) The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for coordinating special educational provision within mainstream schools.


Voluntary and Community Sector. This sector consists of organisations and groups set up on a voluntary basis and funded through charity fundraising and grants.

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