SEND: Inspire to Aspire

A SPCC event for parent carers on EHC Plans, Outcomes & Aspirations and SEN support

More than 60 people – parents, professionals and other representatives from various support agencies – attended our successful Inspire to Aspire event to find out more about Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs), Outcomes and Aspirations and SEN support.

Held at Inspire at St Peter’s Church in March, the event kicked off with a presentation delivered by Fazilla Amide, a parent carer from Enfield’s parent carer forum. Fazilla explained the concept of outcomes and aspirations in EHCPs, eg. An aspiration would be a long-term goal, such as “I want to go to college” but an “Outcome” is a measurable achievement, such as “by the end of the year, I can write my name.”

Outcomes should always be framed positively and focus on potential achievements and be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable but ambitious, realistic, and with a time-scale. Then provision should be put in place to achieve those outcomes.

Fazile also talked about the importance of person centred planning – listening to and involving children and young people in thinking about and planning their lives – and demonstrated to parents how they can play a vital part in shaping their child’s future through the EHCPs.

Loads of questions were raised as parents and professionals are still getting to grips with the new system of EHCPs, with parent carer comments such as:

‘I still need to clarify the difference between moderate and severe needs that prompt the EHC plan to be drawn up.’

‘Parents need more face-to-face support when filling in the new EHCP.’

‘My daughter’s primary school has been exceptionally helpful and on target with all the information I heard today.’

‘The EHC plan needs to acknowledge parent carer assessments and all their children’s needs, too.’

Some of the presentations and materials from the event are available to download below:

Training Person Centred Planning HO1 (4).docx

Training London Region 1 26 November Definitions HO2.docx

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